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    Precious Critters (Local Texas Rescue)
    <p>Precious Critters Pet Rescue in the Spring/Houston, TX area sells custom-made C&C guinea pig cages. Please find our contact info listed below.</p> <p><strong>LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY</strong></p> <p>Prices are as follows:<br /> <br /> 2'x2'-Built-$35, Supplies $30<br /> <br /> 3'x2'-Built-$45, Supplies-$35<br /> <br /> 4'x2'-Built-$55, Supplies-$45<br /> <br /> 5'x2'-Built-$65, Supplies-$55<br /> <br /> 6'x2'-Built-$75, Supplies-$65<br /> <br /> Prices above are for white coroplast bottoms. Prices may vary for different colors.<br /> <br /> Additional:<br /> <br /> 2'x2' loft (may be added to any cage 4'x2' or larger)-$10<br /> Divider-$5<br /> Lid-varies<br /> 2'x2'-$5<br /> 3'x2'-$10<br /> 4'x2'-$15<br /> 5'x2'-$20<br /> 6'x2'-$25<br /> Stand-Ranging from $50+<br /> <br /> <br /> Please give us a call to place an order: 281-413-2103 or email: preciouscritters@my-petz.com</p> <p><br />Visit our website for more information:</p> <p> http://www.my-petz.com/pcpr.htm</p> <p>Thanks</p>
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