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Côté Animal Hospital - San Diego, CA

2.8 (2)
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Côté Animal Hospital
8915 Towne Centre Dr. #110
San Diego, California  92122
(858) 452-7100
  • Internal Medicine
  • Radiology/Ultrasound
  • Surgical facilities
  • X-ray equipment
  • Ultrasound equipment
8915 Towne Centre Dr. #110
San Diego


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User reviews

2 reviews

Overall rating 
Quality of Pet Care 
3.0  (2)
Quality of Customer Service 
2.5  (2)
Price Performance 
2.5  (2)
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If you love your guinea pig, seek care elsewhere
Overall rating 
Quality of Pet Care 
Quality of Customer Service 
Price Performance 

In the past three years, I have lost two beloved friends as a result of Irene Cote's diagnostic ineptitude and lack of in-depth knowledge regarding guinea pigs - not to mention a front office staff that is alternately unresponsive, clueless, and/or unwilling to "bother" the doctor regarding questions, concerns, emergent situations and follow-up care. I have paid dearly both financially and emotionally for the gross errors made by Cote and her staff.

Two years ago, I lost one guinea pig due to Cote's errors in judgment, after spending over a thousand dollars for what I thought was adequate care. What I have since learned: The care was not adequate, by any measure.

Today, after three office visits in the past week with another guinea pig, staying up for several days to attend to her round-the-clock care, and administering a prescription by Cote that caused more problems than it solved (and, as it turns out, is no better than placebo according to three published medical studies), and *then* making five phone calls to the office seeking some sort of guidance and getting no response whatsoever, I will burying another one of Dr. Cote's patients - a most beloved companion who needlessly died in my arms just over an hour ago. I am heartbroken. This did not have to happen.

If you love your exotic animal companion, save your money - and possibly your animal's life - and seek care elsewhere.

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LOVE Cote!
(Updated: May 19, 2012)
Overall rating 
Quality of Pet Care 
Quality of Customer Service 
Price Performance 

Dr. Cote is an exceptional veterinarian with extensive experience and knowledge with most companion animals. She is a very kind, gentle lady who genuinely cares about the animals and enjoys her work. I wouldn't take my guinea pigs anywhere else!

Dr. Cote is a great veterinarian, very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to guinea pigs. She uses only safe and Guinea Lynx-approved medications. She also skips unncessary and stressful procedures (i.e. skin scrapings to check for mites) and goes right ahead to prescribe treatment. I appreciate her gentleness. Her love of animals truly shows! She is well-priced, too -- a basic exam for a guinea pig is $49.00. Don't take your guinea pigs anywhere else!

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