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Safe Corrugated Coroplast Cage for Guinea Pigs

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Safe Corrugated Coroplast Cage for Guinea Pigs

No 11Guang Dong Road
Jiaozhou of Qingdao, 266300 Malaysia
0086 13791970900
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
No 11Guang Dong Road
Jiaozhou of Qingdao

Corrugated Plastic Sheet for Signage,Printing,Packaging and Protection etc .


Corrugated Plastic Sheet is often referred to as Polyflute, IntePro, Proplex,  Twinplast, Corriflute,Corflute,Correx,Coroplast, fluted pp board,twin-wall corrugated Sheet,extruded polypropylene board.It is mainly manufactured from a high impact co-polymer polypropylene (PP) or  polyethylene (PE) resin, which can be recycling,washable and reuseable etc.


Main Appication:

1. Corona Treated Grade: exhibits, political and election signs, special event sigange,advertising board, real estate signs, lawn decoration, indoor and outdoor signs and speical displays etc.

2. Corrugated Plastic Box: various of reusable packaging box, shipping containers, bulk bins, which is widely used in food, electronic and automotive industry.

3. Conductive Plastic Box : various of reusable packing box, which is widely applied to be as packing in the electronic industry.

4. Flame retardant corrugated plastic sheet : various of packing boxes,turnover boxes,isolating plate, pallet, dunnage, base plate and cork base etc widely used in drug products, cosmetics and inflammable and explosive materials logistics etc industry.

5. Layer Pad : with four sides and corners sealed or welded. It is widely applied in the beverage industry as a divider sheet for moving glass bottles, beverage and food containers,which greatly improve stacking efficiency and save packaging cost.

6. Anti-Static Plastic Box : widely applied as packaging,storage and transportation of electronic components.

7. Collapsible Plastic Box ,shipping containers, bulk bins

8. special application's containers: including ESD (Electro Static Dischage) box and anti-static box, which is widely applied as packaging,storage and transportation of electronic components.


Standard Technical Performance :



PP Corrugated Hollow Sheets


PP(polypropylene)  PE(polyethlene)


2440 X 1220,2400 X 1200,2000 X 1000,1200 X 1000,900 X600,600 X 400























Bottles,Transfer Box,mail box,display rack,partition,gift box,food packing,turnover box,dustbin, fruit and vegetable etc.


political and election signs, special event sigange,advertising board, real estate signs, lawn decoration, indoor and outdoor signs


wall cladding,indoor and outdoor decoration,windows and false ceilings,floor cover,greenhouse roof.

Stationery and Tote

Partitions,multi-color,suitable for art design & various pattern box or delicate gift pack


Light weight,rigid,strong, durable

waterproof,moisture resistance, weather ability

Chemical resistance,anti-impact and fade

Environmental friendly,recyclable,washable,

Easy to fabricate,custom size,non-toxic

Excellent for paints and inks easily,anti-corrosion


Common,Corona,Anti-Static,Conductive,UV Stabilized,etc.


PE film or Plastic shrink film or as requirement


Transparent,Black,White,Blue,Red,Yellow,Green,Pink,Or as required.
































PE film or PE shrink film or wooden pallets or customer's request

Origin: Qingdao,China

Shipping Port: Qingdao port


1.Extrusion of corrugated polypropylene sheet

2.Spooling of corrugated PP sheet

3.Thermal processes

4.Edge and corner sealing of corrugated PP sheet

5.Ultrasonic welding 

6.Fabrication processes



9.Die-cutting & slitting of plastic sheet products

10.Printing :Screen printing up to 6 colors


Tianfule wants to be your sourcing solution to the plastics you need. We are a professional manufacturer of plastic corrugated sheet for signage,packaging,printing and protection .If in sourcing your plastic materials, additional value added services are required, our skilled employees are more than happy to cut, glue, route, bend, polish, heat and form plastic to your final design. Our goal is to deliver more than you expect and keep you as a long-term customer.

We consider TIANFULE to be "Your Plastics Solution Partner".


Manufacturing Equipment we have :

Extrusion Lines


Creaser and slitter

Edge sealer

Screen Pinter

Plasten presses

Roller Presses

Ultrasonic welder

Asembly lines


1. Sample: How could I get a sample?      

Sample is free of charge but the air express fee is usually borne  by customer;

New sample fee is USD500 .

Note: we will return back sample fee since you place the order in the future.


2. Price: Could I get your company product price list?          

Sure, please kindly tell us your requested details, such as thickness, color,weight/m2, raw materials request, end application etc. Later we will offer you quotation at the first time.


3. Shipment: How do you ship our goods?   

We usually deliver goods by ship via our shipping agent, goods can be shiped to any destination port of the world.

We do not ship to P.O. Boxes. International Shipping: Wire transfer is a must.


4. OEM or Custom Order: Could we place order by OEM style to produce our own brand products in your factory?        

Of course you can. Welcome OEM or Custom Order. What you need to do is to send us drawing of your requested style with requirements; We will submit sample for your approval.


5. Payment Terms: How do we arrange payment?   

T/T:Telegraphic Transfer (wire transfer), 40% down payment, balance upon before shipment or against copy bill of lading;

If  product is especially  designed and produced for customer, the deposit  will be requested to higher than normal.


6. Lead Time: How soon we can get the shipment?   

We will arrange production since the order and payment are confirmed, we will take 7-15 days to arrange production and  book shipping space in advance before goods is ready.


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5.0  (1)
5.0  (1)
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Corr-x, Plasticor, Hi Cor, Correx, Corriflute, Corflute, Coroflute, Cadflute, Fluteboard, Polionda
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Corr-x, Plasticor, Hi Cor, Correx, Corriflute, Corflute, Coroflute, Cadflute, Fluteboard, Polionda (Portuguese), Twinplast, Kanalplast (Swedish)

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