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Local Pet Stores giantpapergiantpaper September 07, 2013 4517
Good place to get Oxbow products
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They do carry Oxbow guinea pig pellets, but they also have other guinea pig pellets with the dried vegetables, seeds, nuts and whatnot called Sweet Harvest. Also unfortunately, they sell salt wheels "for guinea pigs" (and other small animals on the label).

I like how they sell big (60 liter) bags of Carefresh, in two varieties: the natural kind (the dark gray one) and the one with woodshavings. Never bought the woodshavings one, but it looked like kiln-dried pine to me. The only odor it had was wood smell. The bags were a bit expensive though (about $15 for the woodshavings variety and $22 for the natural kind).

Other than the Sweet Harvest pellets and salt wheels, their other products are piggy appropriate, like the Oxbow hay tunnels and mats.

They do adoption events for rescues and shelters (including our rabbit volunteer group at the county shelter).

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