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The Guinea Pig Directory includes listings for private adoptions, guinea pigs at rescues and shelters and listings of guinea pig rescues and shelters around the world. Intentionally bred guinea pigs may not be listed.

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Looking for a new home.
Sardinia, Ohio 45171
Situation: Waiting for right home
Single, Male, 6-12 months old (adult), Long hair

Listing expires March 10, 2015

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Norcross, Georgia 30092
bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015
Union, Kentucky 41091
GPZone Member! 171
Error Hot
San Jose , California 95112
GPZone Member! 1216
Bruce Needs a Home!
Olney, Maryland 20832
GPZone Member! 1082
4 guinea pigs
Emporia, Kansas 66801
116 results - showing 1 - 10 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 12 »

About the Guinea Pig Directory

Guinea Pig Shelters

The Guinea Pig Directory is to here to help you find or rehome a guinea pig. Traditionally, we refer to guinea pig rescues as, well, "rescues" and have for years. However, it turns out that when people are searching on the internet for a guinea pig rescue, they most typically search for "guinea pig shelters." While we have done a lot of education over the years as to the difference between shelters and rescues, our primary objective is to be found when someone is searching for a guinea pig rescue! Therefore, we are now using the term shelter mixed in with rescue as much as possible.

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Guinea Pig Shelters vs. Rescues

Guinea pig rescues are privately-run, no-kill groups or individuals. Shelters on the other hand are typically the city, county or regional animal care and control organizations run by tax-payer dollars, grants and contributors. Shelters will usually euthanize animals for ill-health or lack of cage space. These are the "pounds," or local Humane Societies or SPCA's.

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Guinea Pigs for Sale

For the exact same reasons, you will see us use "guinea pigs for sale" in addition to adoption. Please understand, that in no way, do we condone nor allow the 'selling' of any pets or animals. Breeders are not allowed to post their stock for sale here. Anyone who 'intentionally bred' their guinea pig is a breeder. Pure and simple. We work hard to make it hard for breeders to sell their animals. The harder it is for them to sell, then they will have to breed fewer animals. However, we also work hard to make it easy for you to find and adopt a guinea pig in need of a new home. Many people in search of a small pet do not know that there is an overpopulation problem. They typically go to the internet looking for guinea pigs "to buy" or guinea pigs "for sale." We want them to come to an adoption site first--rather than a breeder's site. So this is why we are using this terminology in various circumstances.

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