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Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue Hot

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue
Auburn, Washington 98092

Foggy Cavy Rescue is a private in-home rescue located in the Auburn, WA area (about 30 minutes south of Seattle).  I provide adoptions, education, and "pig-sitting."  If you are looking for a cute pair of guinea pigs, or a companion for your lonely guinea pig, email me and we can set up an appointment!

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Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue
Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue

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Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2014-03-10 20:39:07 Becky
Commented by Becky March 10, 2014

Beautiful girls for adoption

We have two female guinea pigs (sisters) who are up for adoption. They have papers from breeder. They are about 9 months old. They are my 10 year old daughter's and she has lost interest. Please contact me asap if interested. We are in Tualatin, OR (Portland area) and can deliver. We are also heading up to Seattle this weekend (3/14-3/16). They come with or without cage and have lots of food to donate! Thank you.

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Owner's reply

Hello! I'm not sure I'm understanding--you want to surrender a pair of guinea pigs to my rescue? The rescue is full right now and I am not taking in any surrenders. I can put you on my waiting list if you email me at the rescue.

I recommend you make a listing here on Guinea Pig Zone as well.

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2014-02-24 23:19:34 Deana
Commented by Deana February 24, 2014

looking to adopt

Right now we have two guinea pigs both under a year old and we have a spacious cage that we would like to share with another guinea up for adoption.is it possible that you have a male around thier age up for adoption?We have a house filled with kids who adore guineas.please contact me if possible

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Owner's reply

Hello! I have only two single males right now. One is a mature adult, the other a young adult. Email me at my rescue email (listed above) for more information.

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2014-01-25 22:17:04 Donna Hargus
Commented by Donna Hargus January 25, 2014


Hi (and thanks for rescuing g.p.s),
We have had guinea pigs for over 10 years, almost all rescues, as many as 5 at a time. We now have a single,spayed, middle-older aged female whose companion male died just before Christmas. We'd love to adopt another pig or two to keep her company. We live in N. Seattle and are checking out our options at several places - Rabbit Meadows, Seattle Animal Shelter, Humane Society, you, etc. We have a large C&C cage in our living room - it's about 4'x 5' and on a single level now, but we sometimes add a second tier and ramps for fun. Would like to know who you have available to adopt right now. We're thinking we'd like to adopt a single male or 1-2 females. We'd especially love to have some younger pigs, but it's all a matter of personality and kismet, of course. Oh, and we're partial to long-haired (Peruvians &/or Shelties) and Abyssinian types, but have had all sorts, all colors, so, y'know, that's just a sort of wish list. Please let us know if you have pigs for us! Thanks! We look forward to hearing back from you (a.s.a.p.!).

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Owner's reply

Sorry I missed this! I have lots of single females right now, and two neutered males. No Peruvians or Shelties, though one of the males is a Teddy. You can see most of them on my Petfinder website. You can email via my rescue email address for more information. Both my website and email address are at the top of this listing.

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2014-01-20 01:07:36 cindy waite
Commented by cindy waite January 19, 2014

male guinea pig needed

I need a male guinea pig to be friends with my lonely 3 month male guinea pig. Do you have any I would prefer one around his age. (:

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Owner's reply

Hi there! I do have a couple of single males, but the youngest is 9 months old.

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2013-12-12 01:03:21 Danielle
Commented by Danielle December 11, 2013

want to adopt a friend for my guinea pig

Hello, my name is Danielle. I want to adopt a friend for my young guinea pig, she is less than a year old...we live in Everett wa. Do you have a young female? I wanted her to pick out her own friend.?

Owner's reply

Hello! The youngest single female I have at this time is 2 years old (Baby). I have two other females but am not sure of their age. I do know they are adults.

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2013-09-02 05:12:17 Crystal
Commented by Crystal September 01, 2013

Looking to adopt!

Hello! My boyfriend and I are very interested in adopting a pair of guinea pigs in the coming months. We heard about your rescue and are very interested, since you offer bonded pairs and socialized guineas. We live in Silverdale; about an hours drive from your location. Do you have any restrictions on distance from your rescue for adoptions?

Owner's reply

The main issue with distance is that if you ever decide that you can't keep the guinea pigs anymore, you need to bring them back to the rescue. I've adopted to people farther than you, however!

You can email me to discuss this further, at foggycreekcavyrescue@yahoo.com

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2013-08-21 21:30:36 Stacia Gnoinsky
Commented by Stacia Gnoinsky August 21, 2013

son allergic to sweet Lydia

I was wondering if you could take in one guinea pig she is really good and she has a cage and food my son and I are both allergic to her.

Owner's reply

I have a waiting list of people needing to surrender their guinea pigs. Unfortunately because adoptions have been slow this year, I don't have the space to take in any at this time.

You can email me if you would like to be put on the waiting list.

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2013-08-10 13:19:57 Denise Payne
Commented by Denise Payne August 10, 2013

Guinea Pigs left with me

I was watching a persons guinea pigs for a week while they were on "vacation" and they never returned. I went buy there house after no return calls and the house was empty so obviously they abandoned them to me. We cannot keep the sweeties even though my daughter loves them. She takes them out daily and we have been financially strapped due to having to buy them supplies that we didn't forsee since we were suppose to just be watching them. I need to know where I can take these 2 cuties, I do not want to just drop them off at a shelter. It is 2 males approx 9-12 months old. I have a cage, food and hay and have taken very well care for them. I guess I am just grateful I took them for the "vacation" versus finding out they just left them in house but still not able to keep them. Please let me know if you or someone else can take this sweet pair. From what I can tell they are not altered (based on thingies still being attached on backside) Thank you. Please email me at armywifepayne@hotmail.com

Owner's reply

Hello, sorry for the late reply! I have a waiting list of people needing to surrender their guinea pigs. Unfortunately because adoptions have been slow this year, I don't have the space to take in any at this time.

You can email me if you would like to be put on the waiting list.

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2013-04-26 00:45:00 margie smith
Commented by margie smith April 25, 2013

baby or young FEMALE giunia pig

looking to purchase a female

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2013-04-13 03:16:21 Barbara
Commented by Barbara April 12, 2013

NEED a good home for a SWEET Baby Girl Guinnea Pig named "Jiggles"..

I am looking for a good home for our beautiful Guinnea Pig named Jiggles...Our son has become allergic and I am searching for a good home to place her in. She is very special and needs a lot of love, she is not getting the attention she deserves.

Please let me know or let me know someone that may be interested.


Owner's reply

Hello, sorry for the late reply! I have a waiting list of people needing to surrender their guinea pigs. Unfortunately because adoptions have been slow this year, I don't have the space to take in any at this time.

You can email me if you would like to be put on the waiting list.

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2013-02-19 22:30:57 Sonja Rowland
Commented by Sonja Rowland February 19, 2013

Vet Services for Guinea Pigs

Hi. We noticed this morning that one of our pigs has sores on her back and is scratching quite a bit. She doesn't want to be held or petted but her appetite is still good and she is quite mobile but drinks allot!

I think she may have a parasite (sp?). Do you know of any guinea vets in the Auburn WA area?

Owner's reply

Hello! She most likely has mites. Very common and easy to treat, but can be fatal if not treated. You can even do it yourself following directions from www.guinealynx.info .

You can email me for more details at foggycreekcavyrescue@yahoo.com .

As for Cavy vets near Auburn, the best is actually in NE Tacoma-- Brown's Point Vet Clinic. Sometimes it can be hard to get in timely, though. The VCA Covington Animal Hospital is fine, too.

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2013-02-19 10:57:05 Mary Kathleen
kaka925 Commented by kaka925 February 19, 2013
Top 500 Reviewer - View all my reviews

my friend left me some guinea pigs

my friend left month ago to other state, and she left me 5 Guinea pigs, but now they born 5 Guinea pig baby this month, i can not handle it, and seems now there one more Guinea pig is pregnancy. can you please help them to find a new home?

Owner's reply

Hello! Please email me at my rescue email address--

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2013-02-10 03:35:39 Danica
Commented by Danica February 09, 2013

Thinking of adopting

I have a guinea from Petco and want to adopt a friend for her, do you adopt out only in pairs or would it be possible to take home just one piggy?

Owner's reply

Yes, I do adopt out single guinea pigs to be companions. Email me at foggycreekcavyrescue@yahoo.com and I can tell you which guinea pigs are available!

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2012-08-16 12:36:21 Ryan
Commented by Ryan August 16, 2012

i need to find a place for my cutest...

hi... i can find a place for my babies, they need a place for around one month, coz i hv leave america for one month, i RLY love them, i juz want to find a safe place for them, i can pay for it , and i gonna take them home when i come bk, plz help me.... i hv tried to find a hotel or ppl to tk care them , but can't find anything,,,, PLZ!11

Owner's reply

Hello! Email me at foggycreekcavyrescue@yahoo.com . I need more details. I don't have any space right now to take in any boarders, but perhaps we can work something out.

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2012-07-12 00:54:57 Megan
Commented by Megan July 11, 2012

Looking for a pair of guinea's

How long does it usually take to get an appointment with you? I was just wondering.

Owner's reply

Hello! Usually prospective adopters get their cages setup before coming out to pick out their pair. From the initial inquiry to actually taking home your guinea pigs can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depending on how long it takes to get your cage setup.

If you are waiting for a response from me, feel free to re-send! Sometimes emails show up in my spam account, and sometimes I am out of town.

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2012-06-12 01:53:52 Virginia
Commented by Virginia June 11, 2012

Need home for Guineas

Hi, We have 2 male Guineas in need of a home. We have had them for 2 months & completly lost inte rest. I dont know how old ghey are but believe they are under a year. They have long hair except around their face. We are in Seatac by the airport but would bring them to you with cage, etc and the hay we have left. Please call me at 206 931 4560

Owner's reply

Email me at foggycreekcavyrescue@yahoo.com . I can put you on my waiting list, but right now the rescue is not accepting any surrenders until further notice.

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue 2012-02-24 19:05:24 Lina
Commented by Lina February 24, 2012


Hello I was wondering how much you charge for pig-sitting 2 guinea pigs?

Owner's reply

Hello! I pet sit for adopters free of charge (donations appreciated) and for non-adopters I charge $5 a day. Check for availability by emailing me. Thanks!


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