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two female piggies. willing to drive?

Hi. Im abbey im looking to rehome my two female short hair crested guinea pigs. They ARE a bonded pair and would need to be together. They come with a 2x5 cage from cavy cages,lots of toys and they are supppperrr sweet. They have no experience with aggression other when they were introduced. They may be skitish at first but warm up to you. You COULD rename them but hopefully you wouldnt. Their names are shortened. Christmas is shortened to Chrissy. And Blizzadd is shortened to Blizzy. They are around the age of two. Chrissy is younger than Blizzy by 6 months. They came from the same mom. Okay about the drive. I live like 30 ish minutws from St.louis so im not sure if you wpuld be up to it? But they would be very happy to be in a new home. I want the best for them and i live with two HUGE dogs and worry they may be eaten, and i want them to have more attention. Thank you. Have a nice day. Email me if you want to set something up?

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