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Did you find a good home for your piggies?

Hi! My name is Julie Liller. Did you find a good home for your piggies? By the looks from your pictures and comments I can see that you care for them very much. We have two piggies - Squeakers, male, 2 1/2 and Lilly, female, 1 yr. We love them dearly. They are well taken care of and get played with, petted, talked to, loved, and let out of their cages to run around the house (we have precautions on the wires and things) with our free-range bunny Flopsy Mopsy. I know this is probably not easy for you but I would like to know why you are giving them up? Are there any health problems? Do they get along well together? I thought 2 males would fight? Please let me know. Or you can email me at if you like. Thanks! -- Julie

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