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I Want a Guinea Pig!

cute guinea pig

Guinea Pigs for Sale?

Well, not guinea pigs for sale, technically, but we have a lot of guinea pigs for adoption! Check our adoption listings and create your own if you are looking to rehome your pet guinea pig.

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Guinea Pig Cages

We have top-quality C&C guinea pig cages for sale. Buy from THE most trusted source on the internet -- the inventor of Cubes and Coroplast Guinea Pig Cages -- and be sure that your guinea pig's health and welfare are of top priority, along with great customer service and fast shipping -- and now to Canada! We only promote products that meet our highest standards for guinea pig care and safety and are easy to use. A 'win, win, win' for everyone!

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Buy a C&C Cage or supplies from us and feel good!

nice-guinea-pig-cageWhen you buy from this site, you are supporting rescues! We do more than just line our pockets and always have -- for over a decade! We give back and always have and not just a little! If you'd rather save money and make your own cage, we are here to help. Check out our listings of local suppliers of cubes or coroplast, read reviews, and add your own review or listing!

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Veterinarians who Care about your Cavies!

Just like cats and dogs get most of the pet press and knowledge, the pet social strata filters down in the vet world as well. Small animals get short shrift in veterinary schools and too many pet owners write off guinea pigs as not worthy of spending money for vet care. guineapig-abcsThis makes it difficult to find vets who are truly competent and experienced with guinea pigs due to the nature of a low return on investment for the price of the education and training.

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Guinea Pig Care

From the basics to advanced topics!

New to guinea pigs or you've had them for a quite a while? Find out more in our Care Library.

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